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The Most Noble Order of Blessed Emperor Brian Boru

The Order of Brian Boru was founded by His Royal Highness Prince Díolún on 29 January, 2021. The Order is named after Brian Boru (Irish: Brian Bórumha, Brian mac Cennétig) who was, without a doubt, the greatest High King that Ireland ever had. Brian Bórumha was the 175th High King of Ireland and he is the one for whom the Imperator Scottorum Association takes its name, for King Brian was the only person to ever be called Imperator Scottorum, which is Latin for "Emperor of the Gaels."

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The Order of Brian Boru is awarded to citizens of Irish citizens of great accomplishment, and/or who have contributed immensely to Ireland, its language, its culture, and/or its people.

The post-nominals for the Order of Brian Boru are R.B.B. for "Ridire na Brian Bórumha" which is Irish for "Knight of Brian Boru."

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